Sunday, August 21, 2005

Pac and Play Reality

Well, I am 10 weeks pregnate. We have done the first sonagram where you see something smaller than a bean with a beating heart. We are currently calling it the bean. It is a very surreal experience and more strange than anything else and it is just so hard to comprehend that this is growing inside of you.

I met with my birth mom this weekend and she brought with her a pac-n-play--it's a bassinet and play pen in one. When she showed it to me--all I could do was look at it in disbelief. Just looking at the picture made me recoil, who is this for?? me?. This green pac-n-play made my pregnancy more real than anything else. I mean I think about the baby a lot. What I am eating. How I am feeling. But I have not had crazy morning sickness like others and so for the most part feel the same just more tired than usual. So why would this object make me swallow hard--force me to see what is really happening. I could not even think about opening it. She did it all while I sat there and thought of the countless times I had done this for other friends and their babies. So now it is in our room the first real baby thing that we have and it is like an elephant standing there starring at me. Saying, "are you ready." I am so not!


Tan Lucy Pez said...

You will be ready. Yes, you will.

Little bean will have you loving him or her before the arrival date. I promise you.

Lorena said...

wow, i bet it is scary, this new step you are taking in life. i'm glad you are sharing it with us. it gives those soon-to-be moms a feeling they can relate too as well as prepare others.

hope the shock wears off soon. i'm sure you will enjoy the whole experience.

Misreflection said...

Best of luck, and count your blessings for no morning sickness, really I still remember those and my son's a teenager now.There are some good times ahead too like when your baby makes his/ her presence felt and you're in the presence of others, who just stop and stare.. Wonderful.. take good care of your self now.

Pecos Blue said...

I am looking forward to it but wow it still seems so unreal.

Mridula said...

My sis recently gave birth to a baby girl and through her the experience is pretty new for us. My niece is such a treasure.

You will get used to this and soon your bundle of joy will be in your arms! Congratulations.

gulnaz said...

it takes 10 months to deliver a baby, i'm sure you will be prepared by then. :)
i use to see my bro's wife go through the changes and it was an amazing thing to witness, to experience it yourself must be doubly so.
take care of yourself and eat well. :)

mermaid said...

It's a whole "other world" experience. Ride it like the wave of freedom, though it's not quite freedom when the little one comes.

My own has turned me inside out, upside down, and totally in love with her and myself all over agian.