Friday, November 04, 2005

The Bats are Gone and Lime is a girl

The bats finally headed south for the winter. The first real cold snap lowered the insect populations enough that the bats needed to head out. I did my last program and it was fun but the bats did not fly out for over an hour after I started so I had to talk for a very very long time.

We have also established that Lime the duck is a girl. She has started laying duck eggs for us. Interestingly she digs a hole in the straw and then covers the egg when she is done. It is like an easter egg hunt everyday here.

Not sure when the time went and every time I thought to write it seemed so hard to start again. But the winds of today just died down with the setting of the sun. My cat, Darhma, is curled up next to me and it seemed a good time to write. I am feeling good, only one week of work left and the season will be over. I am excited for the changes to come--still debating names--if anyone has any suggestions I would welcome them. We are focused on Indian names so let me know--esp for a boy it seems hard to find one that we both like.


Misreflection said...

names? have you searched the web yet.. I personally prefer really short ,easy names with a meaning.. love the sound of arabic names too.. happy searching.

mermaid said...

I could go on and on. If mine was a boy, I was thinking of:

Aman (eternity)
Neel (blue)
Sahil (seashore)

There are several websites that can help as well.

Pecos Blue said...

Thank you I have been looking on the web but so much. I like Sahil hummmmm Have you picked names Mermaid?

Keshi said...

Hi Pecos thanks for dropping by my blog :)

From this post it seems ur pregnant...aww what a wonderful experience it will be...r u Indian? Ok I can suggest some names...

Akaash (sky)
Amit (endless)
Haresh (Lord Shiva)
Hemant (part of Winter)
Keshav (Lord Krishna)
Sachin (Lord Indra)

There are heaps.. I hope u like these and Sahil is also one of my favs :)


rhein said...

hi pecos, thanks for visiting my blog. i love LOVE yours, in sounds like such a wonderful life.

Pecos Blue said...


Thank you for the suggestions. I am not Indian but my husband is. So we are looking hard for names.

Thank you

Mridula said...

What a joy it must be to find for eggs on ground rather than in a shop!

Regarding names, my brain refuses to fire but as soon as something comes up, I will visit here again.

. : A : . said...

I like the thought of having the duck laying the eggs around.

Keshi said...

oh ok :) Good luck!


Lorena said...

good luck with finding a name.

btw, cute thing about the duck lime :)

Amie said...

hmmm names...names..i wish i can suggest but my dictionary of indian names are limited to 1 to 2 names :(

Brood Mode said...

cute post! love animals, birds et al.

Now for some names:

Deep (light)
Kiran (sun) the name's unisex

Tan Lucy Pez said...

I like star names. NOT movie stars. Stars in the sky: Orion, Chiron, Arcturus, Deneb.

But those are difficult for kids to wear. Simple is nice.