Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Preparing to Climb the Mountain

It is strange to get ready for something that there is allot of information about -- yet at the same time you read that it will be different for everyone. I am refereing to labor--having a baby. So much to learn, so many variables. If you read enough you hear about hypno-birthing--mothers who give birth and have no pain at all ( I am very skeptical of this one, although my mid-wife says she was with a woman who on her fourth child--was able to have a peaceful birth) and of course the medical births where like a frined of mine you say your schedule is open on friday and you plan a c-section.

What is even more interesting is the amount of mis-information and non-scientifically backed up inforamtion. For example, all the baby einstein stuff has never been foramally tested--NPR did a specail stating that their proof that it works is antedotal from parents. And that is just the begining. You have a doula and you can reduce pain, length of labor and the need for an episotomy (where they cut you) by XX% but where did they get this number from.

So in trying to educate myself it is very interesting because depending on who you talk to midwife or even various Drs. they all have theories and ideas but not much science to back it up with. You would think that as advance in medicine as we claim to be and the amount of profit to be gained in the baby making world of economics that there would be more fact than antedotes.

Now I am not an expert by any means and have only read a handful of books compared to what is out there--but what a challenge. Even though I have been told by 2 doctors that I ask way more questions than most--it makes me wonder why we all aren't asking more questions and asking for more proof than Fisher Price saying that it is so.


Mridula said...

I can understand the questions and doubts arising so well. I am sure it would be same with me if I ever decide to have a child.

Φ said...

Hey thanks for dropping by..hmm having a baby, something we can only be awed at.. cheers to womenhood :)..i luv my mum

Lorena said...

i wish you peace of mind and that you have a safe and healthy birth. how excited you must be!!

Shubhodeep said...

thank you for visiting my blog. do visit again!

and, oh, BEST OF LUCK!

mandylane79446872 said...

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Mridula said...

I hope you are doing well. Is the baby born?

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iamnasra said...

Having a baby is a mircle no matter what you told and how prepared still its an experience that you have to go through to be able to understand it all

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