Monday, January 22, 2007

Why is the new year so full of things we say we

are going to do or try to do or try to remember to do? I feel like time is slipping through my fingers and I do not know where it went. My father used to say "at my age a year feels like a month and week like a day." For the first time I understand.

Holidays were crazy lots of travel and much to see and do. Bryn did great and did not annoy and passengers on any planes I am very happy for this indeed.

We are getting back in the grove of things and watching the days get longer. Beautilful sunsets and even snow on a few days. I love the change of season and snow in the desert is pretty spectacular.

Broode mode thank you for the reminder more to come soon.


Keshi said...

heyy Pecos thats nice.

btw I didnt know u were not Indian. Thats very interesting. I have a cousin who's married to a Russian girl and she wears the saree so beautifully :). What matters is if u 2 r truly happy with each other.


Pecos Blue said...


We are happy. But I do notice the culture things--but there is always somthing in every relationship--I just sometimes do not see the minefields in advance. Take care pecos

Anonymous said...

that is a great quote of your father!! :)
snow in desert sounds awesome..
please stay warm and take care, pecochan!!

Nabeel said...

why does it have to be a yearly resolution .. why can't we worry about the new week or a new month?

iamnasra said...

Been awhile is all well with you ???

tkkerouac said...

Love that thumbnail.