Sunday, April 20, 2008

Divine Meringue

We had a wonderful visitor. A friend, invited her Guru come to Carlsbad, New Mexico and she came. I am sure this is the first time a Guru has been here.
  • Guru Shubhraji
  • Ever sine reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Glibert--I have been going through an awakening.

    It has been coming for awhile, but I did not see it on the horizon until it got here. You know in hind sight either I see the signs now or maybe I am just looking for them. Losing both of may parents in the last couple of years has shaped my life in so many ways and brought me nearly to my breaking point. The birth of my son kept me afloat. My love for him an anchor.

    Also, working at Carlsbad Caverns and walking for hours everyday through this mind blowing cave. As I looked around at these beautiful and giant formations I was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of time that I witnessed in their growth. We are such small parts of time on the continuum. Anyway, I feel now like all this happened and has worked or conspired to lead me down a spiritual path that I never thought I would dare to tread. I made lots of boast in the past ....

    So here I am getting a wake up call from some crazy book that I cannot stop thinking about. She has a phenomenal way of writing about experiences and I found I related to them and could see myself there. And just as I am wishing for something to help me continue on this path..a Guru arrives.

    I was fortunate enough to spend five hours with her. Listening, asking questions and wishing my memory worked. As my subconscious takes it all in --The divine is already within you. God is not in you but you and everything around you are in God. I have no way to capture what she said and what resonated so strongly to me.

    I am working to get all this from my head to my heart. Faith I have always struggled with this. I spend too much time trying to analyze and less relying on myself and what I know to be true. She has a taped radio program on her website. It is good and does her way more justice than I am doing...but my heart is there.

    As she said, look for the divine in everything and especially in our children. Here is my son enjoying a divine moment for sure.



    DineometerDeb said...

    I also read (listened to) Eat Pray Love but unfortunately did not have the same experience as so many others. I enjoyed it, but didn't feel changed by the book. To me, the book 4 Hour Work Week was life changing in a huge way (which makes me feel a little superficial). I think the message of the books, oddly, is the same though. Both are about awakening and examining your life.

    tut-tut said...

    Losing parents in many ways is losing a part of ourselves and a pathway to the past (who remembers that time when . . . better than your mother?). It takes the long view to come to terms with that. I'm so happy for you that an actual Guru arrived. I'll check her out through your link. I'm glad you found a book to help you too.

    Pecos Blue said...

    So funny I just ordered 4 hour work week. I am glad you liked.

    Paul said...

    You bring out a couple major points here that I've found to be true too.

    That our capacity for growth and change is amazing. You don't know what you don't know, and there can be things ahead that we haven't even imagined.

    And the importance, for people who do a lot of thinking about spiritual things, of staying grounded in lived experience.

    ghee said...

    I am so glad to see you back!!
    and I am back,too! :)

    i always love reading and i find productive moments while sitting in a couch with a good book in my hands.good that you found meaningful thoughts through the book youre reading :)


    mouse (aka kimy) said...

    wonderfully enjoyable is amazing how sometimes the universe provides just what we need when we need it!

    I've really enjoyed the visit to your corner of cyberspace. very interesting adventure you are on - the transition from dc to carlsbad nm I'm sure has been immense!

    as someone who loves the beauty of the sw, I think I'll have to come over for frequent nibbles!

    if the universe provides what my e (daughter) desires she will one day be living in nm - but I'm very happy that for now she lives just a a mile away instead of 1800!

    thanks for popping in ...

    mouse (aka kimy) said...

    p.s. most excellent picture of a divine moment

    Pecos Blue said...

    Thank you. Just make sure she stays to the north.