Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Views of the Canyon

At last we went up there the other day and spent some time at the rim. It is amazing to live 10 mins from the rim but rarely go there. In my defense I am terrified about having a 2.5 year old at the rim.

Here is a historic photo of the El Tovar Hotel at the rim and the next is today. They have some great food here.


Depending on the time of year and day the canyon changes. The colors vary and the views intensify or recede.

There is an amazing California Condor program here. That has been fairly successful. The birds went from 20 pairs to more than 60 now. Interestingly they have found now that some birds are getting lead poisoning from eating remains left from hunters using lead bullets. There is a new movement to use unleaded shot when hunting out here now.

That was my contribution to anyone who needs a wine and cheese tidbit to throw out at your next party.


tut-tut said...

A completely different outlook from what I'm used to . . . thanks for the photos and the links.

Maddy said...

Those are some fabulous views. I was just listening to the CAlifornia Condor programme yesterday. Apparently they are no longer endangered which is good to know.

Queenie said...

Gosh it looks absolutely fantastic. I am terrified of heights, yet i would still love to see the Canyon, about 5yrds away from the rim...... thanks for sharing.

SaffronSaris said...

Your photos are awesome, esp the 3rd one.
Looking forward eagerly for more photos :)

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, your photos are absolutely gorgeous. I visited the canyon many years ago and I love such fabulous views. Breathtaking! Thanks for sharing.

Harmony said...

hmm!grt pics!take care!

potty mouth mama said...

Wow, it looks incredible. I'd love to visit the canyon one day!

goatman said...

Oddly enough, lead shot has been banned here in midwest for some time now. Seems the ducks were eating it and suffering the consequences.

Nice shots of the canyon. I've always wanted to visit but abhor the helicopter, and other unnatural noises! I guess I prefer my natural settings natural.