Friday, November 21, 2008

100th Giveaway Winners!

Blanket Winner from Jill's Fabric and Design

1st prize: Queenie

2nd prize: Cakes

3rd prize: Run and Fetch

Please send me via email your address so I can get your prize!

Thank you


Jillene said...

Congrats to the winners!! Boo Hoo for me!! (0;

njt said...

Yeah! My first online/blog win. Well, 3rd place is still a win to me.

Miss ya!

Queenie said...

Do you know I have been so busy helping my son with his café/wine bar opening that i haven't had chance to even switch on my lap -top. Have just got home pulled off my boots (feeling shattered), switched on my lap top, and seen the fantastic news. Obviously I'm not speechless (seldom am), but I must tell you I have never ever won anything in my life. So to be the proud winner of such an incredible prize,is truly marvellous thank you so much (I'm blushing now)....

Queenie said...

Do I send my address to the e-mail address on the post or have you one I need to send it to?????