Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I just spent a week in Oregon looking for a retirement home for my mom and aunt. Such a contrast to here--everything is so green. Every inch covered in green moss, grass, lichen everything. It was a good trip--lots of small towns with views of the ocean and not too many people. Today it is windy--yesterday it howled--it blew stuff all over the backyard and the sky turned a brownish yellow. Mescal flowers--bright purple are in bloom and the yellow bladder pod is even more pronouced. I will work on getting pictures up this week. Our chicks are 3 weeks old now. We still have to convert the shed into a Hune Hutte (Chicken house). Having chickens are a new and interesting experience. They are funny and entertaining to watch. My favorite is when one gets a piece of spinach and runs around peeping "hey look at me I got it" and all the others run after trying to catch her. So today I am headed to my quilting group to work on my first quilt--when in Rome as they say and it seems that everyone quilts here. So I am attemping to make a modern colored and patterned quilt.

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