Monday, May 30, 2005

A Racoon killed my friends duck "limon" and Bats are good

She is headed to Hawaii and we are going to take in "Lime" in for the two weeks and quite possibly longer. Limon already had some problems, she had a bum leg and swam in circles. They were given to my friend for easter. Before they were born they were injected with food coloring so that one came out lime green and the other bright yellow. We have no idea about what chickens think about ducks and vice versa--I will post some photos with the results--assuming they are positive. So far 3 days and now they are sleeping in a big heap together. We are having problems teaching our chickens to roost.

Otherwise I am on bat flight tomorrow. There are over 460,000 mexican free tail bats in the cave right now and they fly out every evening. It is quite spectacular to see so many fly out in their circular pattern all at once. Yesterday there were 1,200 people who came to see it. This will be my first one where I have to talk about bats and how beneficial they are. Did you know that some bats eat their entire body weight in one night of insects and that in their relaxed state their hands are clenched, which is how they can hang on ceiling for such a long time and even give birth upside down. They are the only true flying mammal.

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