Saturday, May 28, 2005

greenish thumb in the desert is possible

The local high school grows native plants every year and this year we scored--bull grass, sotals, junipers, pines, agave, mescal beans, huck berry-- I believe ---and my hands are tired from planting--it rained lots last night and so the ground was not impossible but still a work out for sure. My beer was well earned. Next up is the garden--open gardens not working here--so we are building an a frame green house that is about 3 feet and has doors on the side that you can open and close depending on heat, wind, rain etc--open containers--have litterally blown all over the place.

back at work tomorrow--leading several trails this week--so gotta study the maps--don't want to get lost even when you have 3 sources of light and a fairly well marked trail and of course gotta know the geology and history--more to come.


gulnaz said...

hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. you have got a great blog here, nice pictures too, will be back and hope you are too.

PTA Mom said...

I have such a black thumb. I really want to learn to garden because I want a vegetable patch when I move back to the US.