Friday, May 27, 2005


people treat you different when you are in a uniform. all of a sudden any question is wide open--from the innocent, where are you from, to do you have kids--what are your goals in life and for me why does bat guano smell so bad. it is an interesting role to play to be in the position. even more so when you can have a little fun with it and make people laugh. i think i like that part the most right now. the learning curve on history, geology and desert ecology is challenging but good. i did not know that there is so much about caves that we really do not know. i guess for so long we thought nothing could live in dark black spaces that are devoid of light and most nutrients--now we are learning otherwise. more to come later. its a wild friday night--i am off tomorrow--going to plant some native plants and watch a movie tonight--mystic river i believe.


Misreflection said...

hello , tks for dropping by my site and your commnents, interesting blog you have, notice on your profile your fav movie il postino, I loved it too, saw it many yrs back- really need to see it again.

The Heretik said...

Native plants? What are you growing? Shrubs? Perennials? Grasses? What works for you down there?

. : A : . said...

Yes, the uniform puts you on 'the other side'.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.