Friday, June 24, 2005

Out in the sun

Its quiet today. Later we are headed to the mountains to see trees, hike and escape the heat. I am ready to be out in the sun and not down in a cave. I have lead all the tours I need to so far except for spider cave. I have to go on it two more times. It is quite easy to get lost in spider cave, not to mention the need to watch out for rattle snakes on the way in and out because the opening provides a great cool space for them to hang out. Spider is really unique in that it has some amazing and unusual formations that are pure white. It is also challenging in that you have to belly crawl through pinches, go up and down a rope and chimney over an area called the grand canyon. I added some photos to the badge of Spider cave.

It is surreal at times that this is now my job. That I need to wake in the morning and feed my chickens, put on a uniform and go to work. I never thought I would be doing something like this. But this is also what I love about life. I do not like to think or know what my like will look like five years from now. I like not knowing. Who knows where we will move to next- Wyoming, Hawaii.


Lorena said...

you are lucky to have a job that requires you work close with nature. to experience different lifestyles/environments must be pretty amazing.

great photographs.

Pecos Blue said...

Thank you very much. You should try caving sometime.

gulnaz said...

you have a dangerous but interesting job. i am scared of spiders and snakes though.
am going to see your photos next.

gulnaz said...
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mermaid said...

May your spirit always be free.

justme88 said...

I don't know if I could do what you do,but I would love to try it just once. I envy you

Roger Stevens said...

What a fascinating and interesting life you lead. I like the idea of caving but not sure I'd really enjoy it. I do have a bat poem that I wrote for children. Feel free to use it if you ever run out of things to say whilst waiting for the bats to fly.

Why the Bat Flies at Night

Once, when the moon was as bright as the sun
And the stars lit up the sky
And the day and the night were both as one
The bat came flying by

The bat flew by fast and furious
And attached to his back with string
Was a basket. The animals were curious
They said, Bat, what is in that thing?

Ah, said the bat, well, this afternoon
I was given a task to do
To take this basket up to the moon
But what’s in it? I haven’t a clue.

But the bat was no long-distance flyer
And he had to lie down for a sleep
So, due to the others’ insistence
The lion opened the basket to peep

Then all at once from the basket
There came a most terrible sight
A shadow that fell like a dark net
Bringing the blackness of night

And that is why bats rise at twilight
And they sleep through the bright hours of day
Why they chivvy and chase the dark slivers of night
The darkness they let get away

Misreflection said...

Sounds like your life is :living a dream :-), tks for your comment, the world needs postive energy and positive people and I'm more than grateful that you're sending some my way.Good luck in your ventures too.

Pecos Blue said...

What a great poem. I could use it for sure. I will have to work on my memorization abilities.

finnegan said...

That's a great little poem R.S. posted here! What a great chance for you to fill the time with fluid verse while at the same time plugging R.S.'s books.

"It is surreal at times that this is now my job. That I need to wake in the morning and feed my chickens, put on a uniform and go to work".

It would be even more surreal if you went dressed in a chicken uniform.

By the way, do those bats eat fowl?
Sounds like something a baseball announcer would say: "He batted it foul".

I think your job sounds amazing. The day to day might not impress you as much as your future memories though.

thoughts said...

hey think u have a great job.. nything close to the nature would be my dream job... salsa is def gonna b fun..

Pecos Blue said...

Bats mainly eat insects and lots of them. Up to 2/3 their body weight a night. Some eat fruit and nectar.

We also have a bat suit and at some point someone can dress up in it and be part of the show as the "scout" bat.