Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bandelier National Park near Santa Fe New Mexico

View of where the long house once stood. Most of these buildings were multi-story.

It seems there is so little focus on the peoples who lived here before modern times and this place is such a great way to understand how advanced societies were that were living here a long time ago. What a great park to visit. We were there last weekend and really enjoyed it. This is a view from inside looking out.

The ancestors of modern Pueblo people built thriving communities in this area about 600 years ago. Several thousand Ancestral Pueblo dwellings are found among the pink mesas and sheer-walled canyons. They were inhabited from the 1100s into the mid-1500s.

For more info check out:
  • Bandelier

  • These last two are of photos of rebuilt homes to show how it would have looked.


    tut-tut said...

    Very interesting. I didn't know about this. Nice photos, too.

    Crabby said...

    Awesome place! I've never been to New Mexico. Really nice pics, Pecos.
    We have Indian burial mounds here. Some are very isolated and when you go out there and just stand alone it almost takes you back in time. It's a nice place to just veg out and forget how busy and crazy the world has become.

    I'm linking you at the cowpie field.

    Pecos Blue said...

    Crabby--Thank you. Seems like we do not know much about the history many peoples. I will link you up as well.

    Lilli & Nevada said...

    Thanks for sharing that information, i have saved it as one day i will be coming to that part of the country. We have seen many cliff dwellings in our travels, this looks very interesting. I am new to your blog so will be coming back to visit

    Anonymous said...

    woow ive never seen such old houses!!
    looking more comfortable than my small apartment :D

    emily said...

    hi there,

    i was at bandelier in may...sooo interesting! i put a few shots on my blog, but here are some pics from my trip from my flickr...

    (by the way, i wish i had chickens, too. i used to keep chicks when i was in elementary school and miss them!)