Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Beyond Bush --where do we go from here?

I like the title but even more Fareed Zakaria's article about what the US should be thinking about doing next. It appears that no one is talking about what should be done next. What approaches and stances should the US look to take for the future.

Like become a world player again--not a unilateral cowboy from a bad western. I guess I am giving my politicial leanings away, but would like to know what you all think.

Is there hope of the US and it standing in the worlview?

Here are a couple quotes to get you read this article:

"In a global survey released last week, most countries polled believed that China would act more responsibly in the world than the United States. How does a Leninist dictatorship come across more sympathetically than the oldest constitutional democracy in the world?"-newseek

"They hate you!" says Rudy Giuliani in his new role as fearmonger in chief, relentlessly reminding audiences of all the nasty people out there. "--newsweek

"Giuliani casually lumps together Iran and Al Qaeda. Mitt Romney goes further, banding together all the supposed bad guys. "This is about Shia and Sunni. This is about Hizbullah and Hamas and Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood," he recently declared.

  • Beyond Bush Full Article

  • Bush's Public Ratings

  • What makes me most sad is that reason is no where to be found in politics and as a result we all suffer.

    Here is what Obama said "Barack Obama, the only one to answer differently, quickly realized his political vulnerability and dutifully threatened retaliation as well. After the debate, his opponents leaked furiously that his original response proved he didn't have the fortitude to be president."

    "In fact, Obama's initial response was the right one. He said that the first thing he would do was make sure that the emergency response was effective, then ensure we had the best intelligence possible to figure out who had caused the attack, and then move with allies to dismantle the network responsible."-newsweek


    SaffronSaris said...

    Despite numerous articles and delcarations from country leaders, I still find it hard to beleive that China is a responsible developing power, committed to peaceful development. Look at the missiles aimed at Taiwan, and the unsafe food, toys and clothings they are flooding the world with. Even toothpaste has been declared as not meeting requirements in my country....
    They need to do some serious PR around here.

    tut-tut said...

    We need Al Gore!

    Furrow said...

    I read that article. I was particularly dismayed by the statements being made by the presidential candidates. Who are they playing to?

    Hillary needs to forget any worries that being a woman will hurt her presidential chances. To get my support, she needs to start acting and speaking more "like a woman." Yeah, I know, whatever that means. Not grabbing her balls and talking tough with the rest of them is what I mean. Maybe Obama can get back to sense-talking.

    Sorry to hijack your comments. And I've only been here once before.

    Pecos Blue said...

    This great to hear what all of you think!

    Tell me more..reminds me of college where you talk about any and everything and I enjoy a good political discussion.

    I just wish I did not feel powerless in this whole process......

    lettuce said...

    seems like there are lots of americans thinking like you and wanting change - maybe, next year...?
    are you hopeful about the elections?

    and thanks for your coment on my other blog. How hard to lose both almost together - i do realise how lucky i am in lots of ways. And glad if my words help.

    Sunil Parmar said...

    Hello Pecos.:)
    How are you? How's life?
    It has been long time. Was missing your posts.
    Will try to be regular now.

    I'm not much into the world politics so don't have much to say. but you article was worth a read...learnt many things.

    Take Care! & stay Happy.:)

    Keshi said...

    Bush or not, the US and the world needs a humanbeing as a leader.


    niki sato said...

    have u been too busy to blog??
    im worried abt chinese food too!

    R2K said...

    : )

    SaffronSaris said...

    Hiya Pecos, you linked me! Thanks thanks :D
    However, there's a bit of a mismatch between the title and the link. You linked SaffronSaris to my photoblog instead ;)
    BTW, I've linked you too :D

    SaffronSaris said...

    Hiya Pecos, SaffronSaris turns 2 tomorrow, you're cordially invited over for cakes :)

    Crabby said...

    I think we need an independent party that can stand on it's own two feet and be strong enough to compete against the two monopolies we have in politics now. I don't think our forefathers meant for government to turn out the way it did. With every candidate being owned by one big company or another.

    Our country is rapidly becoming a world wide embarrassment. What a shame for a country that has always been considered the strongest in the world. And it didn't start with Bush (though don't get me started on him) It started awhile back. The people need to take back their country!

    Parisian Cowboy said...

    As a European, I really hope you will elect a democrat. Al Gore seems fine to me. Hillary is OK too but I feel bad about the fact that she voted yed to the Irak war. Wait and see...

    sirbarrett said...

    At least Obama wants to fix a foreign policy of war which has gone on way too long without even a clear mission on what it's supposed to accomplish. (He was one of the few (if not the only) to question invasion BEFORE it happened). I think that the election will come down to Hillary and him and I hope he wins. But I think people should vote for the leader they really want to become president, not just the least worse candidate.

    I can't vote in your country but will be thinking of you because whoever becomes president will inevitably influence the rest of the world.


    Gretchen said...

    Bush has destroyed a once great country. Everyone in the world hates us because of him. If we don't do something quick, we'll be living a real-life version of the movie V and it'll be all over for us.